2012 Swim Trends Monica Wise LSpace


We caught up with Monica Wise from L*Space for the latest info and details on 2012 swim trends.

What are some of the top trends you are seeing in next year’s swimwear as far as cuts, colors, fabrics, etc.?

We’ve increased our collection to offer more D cups and under wires, as well as fabric treatments including macrame and smocking. Colors for the 2012 collection will be more vibrant with electrified brights.

What changes are you seeing on the business side?

The retailers are reporting early strong selling for swim this season vs. last year. Swim is becoming more dominant to be showcased all year round now.

What additions are you making for next year?

We’re adding an early “cruise” collection with new goods hitting the stores in June.

Are there any trends we saw last season that we won’t see this time around?

We’ve shifted our muted/vintage inspired looks, no ruffles and less one-pieces.

What are your thoughts on the separates category? Is this becoming more or less important for your brand?

From day one that has been the strength and foundation of L*Space. Selling swim as “separates” is vital to ensure the consumer has a better shopping experience. It’s “all” about mixing and matching! Not everyone is a small top/small bottom.

How are pricing and margins changing for next year’s line?

We’re holding price on most of our staples, however there will be a slight increase on various styles and new silhouettes. We would like to see more of our retailers opt for the higher mark-up in order to gain a better margin. Swimwear that provides unique styles, good quality and a great fit, can be sold for more than the “normal” keystone + 2. Swimwear is like a pair of jeans, their going to live in it all summer.

Have the number of SKUs included in your collection increased or decreased, and why?

Our spring delivery has decreased slightly as we are now offering three collections to maintain fresh new product on the floor throughout the entire year.

What were some of your greatest successes for 2011?

Winning “Swim Brand of the Year” for the fourth consecutive year, this was truly so amazing and we’re so honored. We’ve had some great celebrity sightings this year and of course creating those “must have” swimwear staples is a blast! We have grown in offering a wider range within our cover-ups and this has turned out to be very successful. We’re excited to see this category grow for us.