Anarchy 2010/11 Sunglasses Preview


(Top) Transfer – MSRP starting at $45
Papa was a rolling stone, why can’t you be one too? Classic fit and styling for your everyday look. The Transfer has all your eyes need, looks, lenses and lifestyle.Indie – MSRP starting at $45

(Bottom) Indie – MSRP starting at $45
The Indie is exactly that, Anarchy at its finest. Independent and self-thinking wrapped in expression and attitude. Don't be a sheep, be you, be an Anarchist.

What trends do you see developing for next year's line? (technologies, tints, colors, lenses, styles, frame sizes, etc.)

Trends always gravitate to strong classic lines with a modern twist. New frame treatments and color ways to expand on the traditional blacks and browns are going to be huge. Lenses are still focused on the traditional colors but a flurry of colorful lenses will bust out in spring.

How are sales trending for 2010 and what are your predictions for the remainder of the year?

Sales have been trending quite a bit up for us this year. We are largely up over our forecasted sales budget and we continue to see sales growth in this channel. Our hopes are that this trend continues through summer with solid sell through and gives way to a great spring 2011.

What impact has the recession had on your business model and distribution?

The R word has definitely had both negative and positive effects on the market for us. Retailers have struggled as their sales have changed patterns on them and unfortunately a few great partners have had to close their doors. On a positive note, our priced right sunglass offering has helped us expand into new clean distribution and increased our sales in existing stores.