Goggles can make or break a day on the hill. While we’ve all been stuck on an epic day with fogged up lenses as our friends go blowing by, the folks at Giro want to make sure this never happens to you again. Giro began as a helmet company, expanding into goggles as a complementary product. “Helmets and eyewear have to go together in order to perform best, and the performance of one can't compromise the other,” says Senior Brand Manager Eric Richter who gave us a sneak peak of what they’ve got in store for your eyes only in ’09/10. Here are the highlights:

What are the three biggest things shaping your goggles for 09/10?

-More lens tints and graphic "lock-ups" with helmets

-Enhanced fit and field of view.

-Parkstrap, for riders who wear goggles under a helmet.

What's new for next year?
– Basis and Basis PK – new spherical lens goggle with amazing fit and ventilation for riders who need the best in performance with understated style.

-Station and Station PK – a new full size goggle with high quality injection molded lenses, an amazing fit and wide-open field of vision.

-Fader and Cymbal – the two styles that launch our casual/life style sunglass collection.

Basis™ PK; $89 – $109; unisex
Matte Smog/Earthprint

"The Basis features a full size, dual spherical lens for a huge field of vision that rivals oversize frames, without compromises in fit or comfort. It also features Giro's low-profile Parkstrap™ for riders who wear their goggle under a helmet and will be available in 2 frame/strap colorways and 4 lens tint options that tie-in with key Giro helmets like the Shiv™, Seam™ and Revolver™ models.