Built Signs Agreements With AT&T Wireless, Post, and AmEx

California-based Vertek Manufacturing anticipates increased sales momentum and improved brand recognition for its newly launched snowboard line Built Snowboards through co-marketing agreements with well known American Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T Wireless, Post, and American Express.

As part of Vertek’s 2001 marketing strategy to introduce riders and retail shops to the brand name Built and to Built Snowboard Products, Built executives have teamed up with corporate America to offer some killer snowboard discount-incentive programs to millions of American consumers. Pre-qualified recipients are given an exclusive discount, or deal code through the efforts of Built’s co-marketing partners. Consumers who receive a deal code by participating in one of many different promotional opportunities being marketed by Built and its partners can only use the discount when purchasing direct from Built Snowboards online, or by phone toll free.

“We face significant challenges launching our products against established brands, that’s a given”, said Glenn Cogan, Built’s Pres., CEO. “Regardless of how long we’ve been building snowboards, shops are hesitant to carry new lines without a proven performance record. For us, it boiled down to where our money can be better spent, on print ad campaigns and tradeshows that get the WORD out? Or, on national co-marketing programs that get DECKS out where the quality and performance can be proven? Developing a performance track record is vital before attending popular tradeshows in 2002. We’re hoping the rest will fall into place”, said Cogan.

“The future of our retail relationships was a concern when strategizing for 2001:02 promotional programs”, said Cogan. “We’re trying to do this in a way that doesn’t cross paths with shops or sell out the brand, but also in a way that gets boards out so that riders and retailers can become familiar with them (or the brand).”Built hopes their promotional programs in 2001 will help solidify retailer relations versus breaking them down.Built executives are confident their target market will not be the same rider that shops for his/her board in a retail environment. “Our programs won’t affect retail sales at all”, said Cogan. “If anything, we’re helping bring riders into the sport. Our core market will be the new to intermediate rider who is looking for a low price, high-quality snowboard, but who isn’t ready for a high-end retail purchase. This is the first step toward getting riders psyched to head into their local snowboard shops for high-end gear and accessories”, Cogan added.Riders polled online at www.builtsnowboards.com/survey.htm selected price and graphics 5 to 1 as the number 1 motivation behind their snowboard purchases in 2000. “We’re offering a good solution for the family or rider that’s looking to get into the sport with a great snowboard, cool graphics and an awesome price, and still have money left over for the trip”, said Cogan.

Built Snowboards announced that a Co-Marketing Agreement between Built Snowboards and AT&T Wireless has been finalized for 2001:2002 winter seasons. Through many different promotions that will be available in connection with this agreement, new and existing AT&T Wireless customers will be given an opportunity to qualify for a $300 “Built Factory Store Credit” to use toward the purchase of a brand new 2001 Built Snowboard and Binding Package (approx. retail value is $550).

“AT&T Wireless’s association with Built Snowboards speaks to our market on a broad scale. These promotions will attract riders, college students, young adults, parents and new snowboard enthusiasts and they are appealing to an exploding new segment of the snowboard and wireless markets, said Built’s Pres., CEO, Glenn Cogan. “Wireless phones and snowboards are being marketed and sold to the same demographic, we’re just adding $300 in value to their already great AT&T Wireless package,” said Cogan.

Details about the AT&T Wireless and Built wireless/snowboard promotions can be viewed online at www.builtsnowboards.com. Eligible customers will be given exclusive “promotional codes” or “deal codes” that allow them to access and receive their exclusive $300 store credit either by ordering online from builtsnowboards.com or by calling Built Snowboards direct Toll Free at 888 9My Board (969 2627) to place their order direct by phone.

“This as a great opportunity for all involved (riders, parents, and brands). By offering AT&T Wireless customers discounts over our retail pricing, Built is exposed to millions of riders through the promotional efforts of both companies. Riders have a profound respect for corporations that market to them and their loyalty is to the core – What more could a rider ask for than a wireless package that comes with a $300 Built Factory store credit for a new snowboard”, said Cogan.

Call AT&T Wireless at 1-800-363-4269 to sign up for the deal!

Built Snowboards announced the creation of a promotional agreement between Built Snowboards and Post Honeycomb® Cereal. Beginning in December 2001, kids of all ages can participate in Post Honeycomb® Cereal’s Instant Win Game – with the opportunity to be one of 2,000 winners. Prizes include:

?200 Grand Prize Custom “Built” Snowboard & Binding packages (approx. retail value – $550),
?800 First Prize $50 Sports Stuff Cash Cards,
?1,000 Second Prize Blue Lids!

In addition, approximately 4.5 million specially marked boxes of Honeycomb® Cereal will offer a special discount toward the purchase of a Built Snowboard. Consumers can save $300 on a pro quality Built Snowboard with Bindings! Honeycomb consumers will be given a code, allowing them to receive their exclusive discount by mailing in the offer form, ordering online from builtsnowboards.com, or by calling Built Snowboards direct Toll Free at 888 9My Board (969 2627).

This promotion will be supported by television advertising set to air in December – just in time for snowboarding season. Post® and Built Snowboards will also post details about these promotions on their individual company websites: www.builtsnowboards.com and www.postopia.com.

“Riders we polled online at www.builtsnowboards.com select price and graphics 5 to 1 as the number one driving forces behind their snowboard purchases”, said Glenn Cogan, Built Snowboard’s Pres., CEO. “Built and Post Honeycomb® Cereal are offering a perfect solution for the family that’s looking to get it all, a ‘pro-quality snowboard’ with ‘cool graphics’ for an ‘awesome price’. It’s win-win”, said Cogan.

In an effort to drive brand awareness through the roof this snowboard season 01:02, Built Snowboards has announced the creation of a program to offer select top US and Canadian University ski and snowboard club members a 50% OFF Built Snowboard Products. There’s no hidden agenda here, Built’s objectives are simple:

Built wants to offer cash-strapped students an incredible deal on snowboard equipment because student budgets rarely have room for costly snowboard equipment.

Built hopes its college alliance with students and clubs will result in maximum brand exposure for their new line of pro-quality snowboards “Built Snowboards”.

Each school that participates is set up with their own promotional price code or ‘deal code’ page on the Built website (www.builtsnowboards.com), to which they are given a school-specific code to access. Students can then access the page to view the pro-quality boards, place their orders and receive their own incredible 50% discount! There is even information located on the site that will help those new to the sport in choosing the right board.

“We know that one of the main issues a university student has to contend with is finances,” stated Glenn Cogan, Built Snowboard’s Pres., CEO, “which is why we wanted to find a way to allow students to purchase a board without breaking the bank. Almost every post-secondary institution in the country now has either a snowboarding team or a recre
ational snowboarding club. The prohibitive cost of a pro-quality board should not be the reason for a student not to compete or participate in this explosive sport.”

The program is being made available to both recreational clubs and competitive teams. Some top teams in the nation have already taken Built up on its offer: UCLA, Harvard, M.I.T. and Yale, to name a few. One particularly popular feature to Built’s ‘deal code’ program is that students who possess the code are invited by Built Snowboards to pass it on to other students, friends, family, associates.

“Not only do the club members themselves get a great deal,” said Cogan, “but they can then turn around and pass these deal codes on to other students, family and friends. Word of mouth is our best advertising!”

Details about the Built Snowboard University Promotion can be viewed online at www.builtsnowboards.com . If students do not see their school listed, they will be able to inquire as to whether their school is eligible for participation.