Emerica Welcomes Brandon Westgate

There’s a new force rising in the East and it brings Emerica great pleasure to welcome the powerhouse that is Brandon Westgate to the Am team. Hailing from Wareham, Massachusettes, Brandon comes with style most of us have always dreamed we could have. Style for days…and he’s only 16 years old.

Brandon has been tirelessly filming for the new 5boro video that premiers next month so be sure to check that one out to witness for yourself how naturally a skateboard falls under his feet.

In addition to 5boro and Emerica, Brandon receives love from Volcom, Venture, Hubba and Division East skate shop, respectively. Keep your eyes on future filming projects and the pages you turn each month for more coverage of his insane talent. Emerica couldn’t be more proud to have you on the team, Brandon. Welcome aboard.