Flat Fitty And Hydro74 Gallery Opening

FLAT FITTY / LAVISH HEADWEAR was a title sponsor of Hydro’74 (AKA Joshua Smith)’s “Second Class in the Middle Class” solo art opening Saturday, September 11th, at Neon Forest in Orlando in conjunction with Surf Expo.

Hydro’74 is a world-renown, Orlando-based illustrator, designing for the most influential brands and trendsetters in the world including NIKE, Burton, ESPN XGames, Billabong, Osiris, Vans, MUSE, Supra, Lucas Films, Mattel, Anarchy Eyewear, Endeavor Snowboards and of course Flat Fitty.

“Joshua is so talented it’s silly, he really is a visionary artist that has this, unique style, that just connects with our lifestyle,” says Elizabeth Miller, Promotions / Collaboration Mgr at Flat Fitty. ” We are stoked to be supporting Joshua, his events and his artwork; So stoked in fact, that we offered Hydro his own Artist Series of headwear in conjunction with Flat Fitty. Flat Fitty has begun manufacturer limited edition designs that Hydro has 100% creative control over Spring 2011 launch.”

“His artwork adapts to embroidery amazingly, there is no skimping on the density of stiches either, the count is high, off the charts, allowing the designs to truly POP on every level,” explains Tian Waters, CEO of Flat Fitty. “Joshua reached out to us about the Artist Series, and after receiving the first samples he went into his design cave, and simply blew us away, accommodating the relationship with some killer pieces for Spring 2011. Joshua has since expressed interest in bringing in 10 – 20 notable artists to custom design their own headwear designs for limited edition release. We were so supportive that we jumped at the chance to work with Joshua’s hand-picked artists. As soon as Joshua recovers from his event I think we will be able to start naming names!”

Flat Fitty was over the top stoked to be sponsoring the event with Sticker Robot, Endeavor Snowboards, Anarchy Eyewear and Revolt.