Fourth Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards

Any night that starts out with two hours of free drinks forskateboarders is bound to be memorable. The lavish John AnsonFord Theatre in Hollywood was the site of this year’s TransWorldSKATEboarding Awards, and everyone from Jason Dill to TonyAlva came early for the free cocktails.

When the awards portion of the night began, I discovered Ihad the best seat in the house–I was directly in front of Mr. SalBarbier. If you’ve ever been privy to Sal’s heckling genius, you knowhow much better he can make any situation. For instance, when anabsent Rodney Mullen was awarded the Readers’ Choice Award, Salexclaimed, “Best Cargo Pants–Rodney Mullen!” During the highlightof the night, Tony Alva receiving the Legend Award, Alva wasmidway through his speech saying, “This is what it’s all about,” andSal quickly commented, “No it’s not, bro–it’s all about thepaycheck. It’s all about Ferraris and fish-taco contracts, man(alluding to a quirky Wahoo’s award Andy Mac had won earlier inthe night).” The seats in front of Sal were constantly chuckling.

By the way, with the exception of the Readers’ Choice, theLegend, and the World Cup awards, the winners in each categorywere chosen by pro skaters, who in the past few months were polledby the TWS staff. So if the video nominees look a little suspect–well,anyway…

After the awards, TransWorld’s new video, In Bloom,premiered. The video was really good, especially the skating and themusic selection. I overheard some people say they liked it more thanthe Flip video that had premiered in L.A. two nights earlier.

The night included plenty of other highlights: Tony Hawktaking the stage to the screams of overzealous fans, and retorting,”What the fuck? You want me to do a 900 on the stage?”; a bloodied,post-brawl Geoff Rowley in the parking lot screaming, “Welcome toskateboarding!” at the kook he’d just fought; and Alva and Ragdolljoining forces to deliver a beat-down to a bouncer at a Hollywoodafter-party. Even if he’s not on the list, it’s a good idea to let T.A.into your bar.

Winners And Runners-Up
Best Street: Arto Saari
Runners-Up: Geoff Rowley, Eric Koston
Best Vert: Bob Burnquist
Runners-Up: Danny Way, Tony Hawk
Rookie of the Year: Mark Appleyard
Runners-Up: Bastien Salabanzi, Tony Trujillo
Best Video: Chomp On This
Runners-Up: Sight Unseen, Man Down
Best Video Part: Heath Kirchart (Sight Unseen)
Runners-Up: John Cardiel (Sight Unseen), Gabe Morford (Chomp OnThis)
Best Team: Flip
Runners-Up: Girl, Enjoi

World Cup Point Totals
(Overall Contest Winners)
Overall: Andy Macdonald
Female: Vanessa Torres
Vert: Rune Glifberg
Street: Chris Senn