Head Snowboards: 2012/13 Snowboard Boots Preview



TEAM BOA HYBRID - 299 euros; JADE BOA Coiler IPS - 199 euros

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Questions answered by  Davy Kammer -U.S. Product and Sales Manager

What overall trends are you seeing in the boot market?

Regular lacing is becoming less important, even though lacing boots offer great fit adjustments they are just as comfortable to lace up as Speedlacing boots.

Colored boots are well appreciated for their designed but in the end it is the black models with small spot colors that are turning into sales, they are just easier to match to different outfits.

Boots are becoming a bit softer.
How has your approach to lacing systems evolved in the past few years?

Head has been one of the 1st brands to come with BOA, over the past few years we developed BOA lacing configurations that offer additional benefits for a better boot fit and function.

We have some models coming that are combining Speedlacing and BOA to offer the best of both worlds, a quick lace up with the precision of every single click of the BOA reel for a micro adjustment of the foot into the heel pocket.

We will come with a new Speedlacing device (SSL II) servicing with a solid and sporty looking metal locking unit.

What new construction techniques, technologies, or fabrics do you anticipate breaking out next year?

Hybrid boots: Combination of BOA and Speedlacing where the BOA reel allows a micro adjustment over the instep to pull the foot into the heelpocket.

BOA Instep pad strap: a padded strap over the instep that pulls the foot into the heelpocket upon tying up the boot, at the same time the pad straps gives some additional padding to reduce pressure points from stiff binding straps.

SSL II: A new speeddlacing device with a metal lever that allows an easy entry and exit into the boot and can be tightened with a single hand.

Unisex liners will come with charcoal bamboo lining mesh which offers antimicrobial properties to avoid bad smelling feet when sweating.

Our THERMOFIT HYBRID liner (5-STAR and TEAM  boot) is breathable to get the sweat away from the foot, it also offers a width adjustment and POWER TRANSMISSION chips in the toe area that keep you away from lifting feet on backside turns.

Woman liners come with warming lining mesh to keep the ladies feet warm. They are all manufactured with a ladies last which is a bit narrower to the unisex last. We use softer foams and thinner heelpads for a cozy fit in the heel. The collars are lowered in the back to have a better fit to ladies calfs which are usually a bit lower than the mens ones.

Starting from 2nd pricepoint, all unisex and woman liners are thermooldable.

Already on the 1st pricepoint we offer solid 3 dimensional insoles that offer great support in the heelcup area to keep your foot in place. All insoles come with an arch support. The upper pricepoint models have a stronger heelcup and arch support, the also offer an additional shock pad in the heel

 What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics and colors?

Black and white are still the safe colors. Blue, green, red and orange are used as spot colors. We have a few models on where the main color is blue. A lady boot is coming in a nice brown tone.

The boots are coming in a sporty, slim look with combinations of different materials (synthetic leathers and textiles).

Two models in the line are coming with a vulcanized looking outsole.

Have you seen any new trends in market segmentation?

Speedlacing, lightweight, combination of different materials