Men’s 2011 Fall/Holiday Style Guide: Element




Valerie Killeen

What is your story for Fall 2011?

[Our main story is around the] 10-year collection for the Mojave [bag]. It’s stood the test of time and founded on function and reliability. We did a special fabrication series. Our advertising campaign is traveling and having these bags with you and around this 10-year celebration.

What is the inspiration behind Fall 2011 clothing?

The president and founder of Element grew up in this classic, New England town its very rugged, very built on having proper outdoor inspired clothing and the things you need to weather the winter in harder, essential climates. Our jacket collection for Fall is really populated with this Wolfboro collection. Its really true and authentic to the brand, sort of rooted in the outdoors and it came out really well.

What is new in denim?

Being Element and having a conscious by nature story that we continually tell, within our denim assortment we offer these really authentic, natural washes so we’ve been calling them “living washes.” Our team members of the Element family have been wearing these in the raw stage for six months to a year and let the natural abrasion techniques, where our skaters are falling and have natural wrinkles develop and evolve over time and get to a place where everyone loves their favorite jeans to be. We’ve developed those washes for the line as well. Another fabrication that we’re excited to offer in multiple styles is Forona. It’s a conscious material, derived from a piece of corn. It’s extracting the natural starch in corn and building it into a polymer. It’s a renewable resource and its something we’ve been able to incorporate into our jeans. It feels exactly like a denim, you would never know. It’s a lighter weight ounce and basically a Dupont version of polyester. It acts like a polyester would, it’s a lighter weight ounce jean, 8.2 where most are around 10-12 ounces for a traditional jean. It’s been really popular with our team riders and it looks really great.

What are your key jacket styles?

Our Atwood jacket looks great, Ridge Field, and Eastport is our peacoat. Atwood has 1000 mm water-resistant coating. Ridge Field is waxed coating.

What is performing in the wovens category?

Our wovens is still really strong. We offer flannels year round, for 10 years, it’s definitely a staple for Element. It continues to be a really strong category for us. Canteen is doing well, a non-brushed flannel. [Before] we were really soft and plush, we’re getting into a little more work wear, Americana, twill idea that’s occupies the same space but looks a little more modern. We have Seymour, that’s a shadow plaid. That’s something we’ve been feeling. It looks really vintage, retro and authentic. And Machinist is the evolution of the chambray shirt. It has a denim look but without being a traditional chambray. We’ve done a novelty white stitching to give it a legitimate Americana kind of vibe.

What is new in knits?

We’ve had a lot of traction with our novelty neckline detailing. This season we’ve evolved that category, some color-blocking, baseball sleeve, raglan details and novelty fabrications. We’re doing double knits, Henleys, thermals, novelty stitch techniques, heathered tri-blends kind of feeling as well.