Skateboard Rally at Sacramento State Capital

Appear Tuesday May 9th at 12 pm before the Senate to support SB 1170 and stop the ticketing!
We need your help.We are trying to get skateboarding added to the list of HRA’s . Senator Bill Morrow has written a new bill SB 1179 that would repeal SB 994 (the bill that REQUIRES ticketing of skateboarders in skateparks if they are not wearing pads and helmets) and add skateboarding to the list of Hazardous Recreational Activities (HRA’s)

Now is the time to be heard.
Join us at the State Capital in Sacramento at noon on Tuesday May 9th for a Rally
We will then be allowed to come in and address the Senate.
Here is what we need you to do.
Show up (parents and friends welcome) at the state capital. Meet us at the front of the building. We will rally there till 2 pm at which time Senator Morrow will bring us in.
Your part will be: to be there and then address the Senate. You will need to say your name and that you support 1179.

I have been skating for 30 years and have been ticketed many times and even arrested.
I support 1179. Anyone who has ever skated knows it is at your own risk and that you will get hurt.

I am 14 and I like to skate in skateparks but I don’t want to get ticketed when I am there.

I am a professional street skateboarder and pads and a helmet are not a requirement for street skating. I refuse to dress like a vert rider when I go to a skate park.

State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

Thank you and I hope to see many of you there!!!
Heidi and SPAUSA Street Team