The New Kid: Shaun White Video Profile

Click here for the Shaun White Video Profile.

For a while it seemed like Shaun White would be twelve forever. This September he finally turned 14 and is starting his second year competing as a pro. That makes him the youngest professional halfpipe competitor in the world.

But that’s just snowboarding. Shaun also skates; consistently landing McTwists on vert . Anyone who has seen Shaun dominating at the Encinitas YMCA knows that he’s also dead on in the bowl and the mini ramp. Shaun skates and snowboards so well that the question put to him most often is: which one is he going to pursue? So far, he’s keeping it rolling with a little of both.

So for now we can official stop talking about how young he is and begin watching how well he rides. If you don’t believe it just watch the video.

Click here for the Shaun White Video Profile.