Monster swell hits Indonesia’s Desert Point

Australian big-wave surfer Jeff Rowley just returned from Indonesia following a monster swell that he chased to the island of Lombok. The barrels he found there are undoubtedly among the biggest ever caught in the archipelago. While Indonesia may be famous for its perfectly shaped waves, it is not generally considered a big-wave destination. A massive storm in the Indian ocean last month sent an unusually large swell at the cluster of islands, leaving surfers trying to find a reef that could handle the sheer size of the waves. One such place was Desert Point, on the southwest tip of Lombok, which has long been regarded as one of the longest left tubes in the world. On this day, the standard series of winding barrel sections was replaced by one massive tube section over shallow and sharp reef.

Thanks to an extremely active late season in the Indian Ocean, we may be in for an encore. Another even bigger swell, reportedly one of the biggest swells in the past decade, is about to hit the same region tomorrow. Guys like Mr. Rowley here will be scrambling to find more barrels like this.