Is your skateboard the newest fitness tool?

skateboarding and fitness
The hottest new fitness tool is … your skateboard? Photo courtesy of

If you thought a solid hour at the skate park was a workout, check out this innovative video from Fit Bitch.

The “total body strength, cardio, and core crusher” is a high-intensity, indoor or outdoor routine (think wide-grip push-ups, single-arm roll outs, lunges, and burpees) where a standard skateboard is the only equipment you need. We totally get it, too—the combination of the rough deck and rolling option is the perfect way to kick up the intensity on standard workout moves.

So next time you go out for a ride, hop off and fit this workout in. And, if you’re a first timer, a helmet might not a bad idea either—that is, if a sweat is the only thing you want to break.

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