Feeding whales give kayakers ‘the shock of our lives’

Whales surfacing give kayakers "the shock of our lives." Photo: Screen grab
Whales surfacing give kayakers “the shock of our lives.” Photo: Screen grab

Ben Gordon and Dylan Garft were kayaking near some baitfish in Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, when two humpback whales gave them “the shock of our lives.”

Gordon had just pressed record on his camera and his timing was perfect. Because moments later, this happened:

The two humpback whales emerged from the sea surface with mouths open to feed on the baitfish just feet away from the kayakers.

“They gave us the shock of our lives evident by the fact we were screaming like little girls,” Gordon told 7 News Australia.

Gordon said the mouths on the whales were “as wide as a kayak.”

“They came up right next to us,” Garft told 7 News. “Any closer and they’d have knocked us out of our kayak…

“It was a pretty incredible experience.”