Leopard chases baby impala but suddenly does the unthinkable

A leopard and baby impala strike up an unlikely friendship at Kruger National Park.
A leopard and baby impala strike up an unlikely friendship at Kruger National Park. Photo: Kruger Sightings

When a leopard intent on an easy meal began chasing a baby impala, the outcome seemed predictable, but what actually happened was unthinkable.

Tourists at Kruger National Park in South Africa were amazed when they saw the predator and prey interact in ways predators and prey aren't supposed to interact.

Patti shared the "incredibly rare video" taken near Sabi Sands with Kruger Sightings:

The leopard was lying in the brush when it decided to pounce on the baby impala, but it hesitated a moment when the small prey didn't run right away. The leopard chased the baby impala around a bit but wasn't acting like it was too hungry.

Eventually, the baby impala approached the leopard, the two seeming to have struck up an unlikely friendship. At one point, the leopard licked the baby impala and laid down beside it.

It reminds us of the recent story about how a Siberian tiger befriended a goat it was given to eat at a safari park in Russia.

The tourists in Kruger National Park eventually left the unusual scene, so they were unaware of how things turned out. But Kruger Sightings had a pretty good idea.

"The filmmaker had to leave, and they went back the next day. There was no update," Kruger Sightings wrote on YouTube. "However, in my opinion, the impala didn’t make it."

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