Bicycle race crash in slow motion is something from a nightmare

WARNING: The audio on this video is in extreme slow motion and we advise you start with a low volume.

We all have those nightmares, you know the ones. You’re in your underwear at the front of the class, or you’re running away from something but can’t get away fast enough, or you’re coming around the final corner of a cycle race in second with a chance to win the stage and you eat it and cause a massive pileup.

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The latter is what happened at the Redlands Bicycle Classic in Redlands, California. The cyclist in orange comes around the last corner and hits a street reflector, causing his back tire to leave the ground and his subsequent fall, which sparks a chain reaction that takes out quite a few racers.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. And on a good note, the cyclist in black who goes flying in the air won the following day.

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