Bike magazine weighs in on the new Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc

What’s the best mountain bike out there? Experts will tell you there is no right answer to that question. After all, the mountain biking experience is different for everyone. What’s good for the casual trail rider is hardly the right fit for the big mountain bomber. Skill level, of course, plays a vital role as well. And while all mountain bikers understand these variables well, they still yearn to know what the best “all around” bike is.

Naturally, this causes great pains for the editors of Bike magazine, who disappear into the hills every year to put all the latest models through their paces in order to review them for their annual Bike Magazine Bible, the most comprehensive guide to mountain bikes on the market. Once each editor has completed testing, the group gets together to compare notes, and debate each bike’s pros and cons. Naturally, the discussions can get lively.

This year’s best performer during their grueling review happened to be the Santa Cruz Tallboy, which was the only bike that appeared in each editor’s Top 3 picks. So what is it about the bike that makes it worth dishing out roughly 6 grand? Watch the video of Bike magazine’s staff members Travis Engel, Vernon Felton, Ryan LaBar, and Brice Minnigh to find out.

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