Black bear disrupts mountain biker’s ride in Alaska; video

A mountain biking Reddit user who is used to encountering plenty of moose while riding ran into a roadblock in the form of a black bear sitting on the trail in Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska.

The rider, identified as James Chavez by Jukin Media, captured the encounter on a body camera and on Tuesday posted the video on Reddit, where it quickly went viral under the heading, “There are better places to sit, bro.”

The video was licensed by Jukin Media and was posted by the Daily Mail:

When Chavez saw the black bear, he braked and crashed into some bushes off to his left. He then picked himself and the bike up and headed in the opposite direction as the bear remained sitting in the same spot.

"It couldn’t have cared less about me," Chavez wrote on Reddit. "I’ve never felt so insignificant and been glad about it."

Chavez, who says he bikes 50 to 60 miles per week, answered several questions on the popular social news outlet about the incident, often with a humorous twist. Asked what reacted first, his body or mind, he wrote, "Definitely my body. When I saw it, I initially thought, 'Man, that’s a fat dog, good thing it’s out here getting some cardio in.' Then something clicked when I was in the shrubs."

Told black bears are harmless and have zero interest in people, he wrote, "Although I generally agree with you, two people have been killed this year by black bears and I did not want to be number three."

Asked if he was injured, he wrote, "My pride a bit."

When asked why people are afraid of black bears, he wrote, "When it comes down to it, they are double my weight with a significant amount of muscle. I’m generally afraid of things that could tear my limbs off."

Some asked what happened after the video stops. Chavez posted video on Reddit’s streamable of what occurred next (warning for expletive).

"If it wants me there isn't [anything] I can do about it," he wrote. "Running or biking, it could've easily had me. I'd like to think I grabbed the bike as my only defense item were it to charge…but really it's an expensive bike.

"I'm at least going out swinging. Then someone else could've posted the video."

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