BMXer crashes through school roof, causes investigation; video

The world of action sports is all about progression and pushing the envelope. As such, it only makes sense that the athletes who inhabit the action sports world often attempt magnificent stunts that are both incredibly difficult and dangerous.

Sometimes it works out — like Jesper Tjader skiing the loop of death or Aaron Homoki landing an ollie off the second floor of a building — and the results are unbelievable.

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But when it doesn’t work out, the results can be hilarious. Like this video of a BMX rider crashing through a roof in his attempt to ride off the top of a school building in the English county of Kent:

The footage of those two painful slams comes from a recent BMX edit on Vimeo (below) from a group called South Coast BMX of two riders — Niall Lissenden and Niki Croft tearing through England.

And though Lissenden laughed off his slam through the roof, not everyone is as amused by it: Officials at Mascalls Academy (the roof that Lissenden broke through) told Kent Live they originally assumed the damage to the roof was part of an attempted burglary.

Now that officials at Mascalls have seen the video of Lissenden breaking the roof on his bike, they’ve alerted local police who are investigating the incident, and plan on pressing charges for the damage.

“We do not tolerate any antisocial behavior such as this and would not expect our students to be involved in any capacity,” a spokesperson with the school told Kent Live.