BMXer makes sketchy drop-in off new NYC subway entrance; video

Austin Augie is a BMXer/YouTube video blogger who has carved out a niche by publishing videos of his adventures riding around New York City to his more than 300,000 followers on YouTube.

The Second Avenue Subway line has been one of the longest and most delayed construction projects in New York City history, with a history dating back nearly 100 years before it finally opened this January to scores of eager passengers.

Given all the attention that the line has received, and Augie’s propensity for performing outlandish stunts throughout the city, it only makes sense that he would attempt to drop-in off an entrance to the new line:

As you can see, Augie manages to ride out the sketchy drop-in. And it appears that his audience is impressed with his endeavor: The video has already been viewed over 23,000 times since it was posted Thursday.

Still, given that there are normally an incredible amount of people walking in the streets around New York City and the fact that his stunt was probably of dubious legality, we here at GrindTV suggest leaving the subway drop-ins to Augie.

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