Cam Zink talks documentary, Red Bull Rampage

Cam Zink Talks Red Bull Rampage

Despite all the hype he’s been gaining, Cam Zink’s focus remains squarely on winning Red Bull Rampage. Photo: Cam Zink

At this point in his mountain biking career, Cam Zink doesn’t have much left to prove.

In 2010, the 29-year-old has already won Red Bull Rampage and last year set the world record for the longest backflip ever landed on a mountain bike.

Still, Zink doesn’t stop moving.

He recently announced a new partnership with LifeProof, a new documentary on his life is currently gaining attention and he’s preparing for this year’s Red Bull Rampage.

“Getting sponsored by LifeProof was kind of incredible,” Zink told GrindTV. “You know, there aren’t a ton of people in our sport getting sponsors from outside the mountain biking industry, so it’s nice to be recognized as one of the top athletes in the sport.”

And recognition hasn’t been in short supply for Zink recently.

Filmmaker Ryan Cleek debuted a documentary on Zink titled Cam Zink: Reach for the Sky on Sept. 17. And it has already garnished rave reviews from the mountain bike community for the way it depicts not only the physical, but also the emotional toll inflicted upon Zink and his family as he continues to push the boundaries of mountain biking.

“It's pretty awesome that in the pinnacle of my career someone would want to make a documentary about me,” Zink told GrindTV. “It would’ve been pretty weird watching it if it wasn't done properly, but I’m blown away by it.”

But Zink told GrindTV that his focus, as always, is squarely on mountain biking. Specifically, he’s setting his sights on bringing home a second Red Bull Rampage title.

Cam Zink Talks Red Bull Rampage

Cam Zink says his partnership with LifeProof is a confidence booster, but that all he truly cares about is pushing his boundaries. Photo: Cam Zink

“I just love being out there and being able to build your own course,” said Zink of Rampage, where competitors craft their own mind-blowing lines in the Southern Utah desert. “Anything you can envision you can build it out there, so you have no excuses. You’ll never be able to say the course is the reason you lost, and that’s what I’m excited for. I always want something to push myself, and make every run the best line I’ve ever ridden.”

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So far, Cam has done a bang up job of doing exactly that.

A title contender every year at Rampage, Zink stole the headlines in 2013 when he landed the largest step-down backflip in mountain biking history at the event, taking off from a ledge and landing his flip some 78-feet below.

“There’s not any one particular area or style of trick I want to do when I go into a competition,” Zink said about his record-setting stunts. “I just want to ride as hard as I can and do everything possible to feel like a better rider today than I did yesterday.”

And for Zink, the best place to find that progression is at Red Bull Rampage. Now in it’s tenth year, Zink says the contest allows riders conditions unparalleled throughout the world.

“There’s few places in the world that come close to Southern Utah for mountain bikers,” he said. “This place, and this contest, they’re the Graceland of the sport.”

As such, Zink predicts that yet again, this year’s Rampage will provide its own unforgettable moment.

“Every year, this contest is leaps and bounds ahead of the last,” said Zink. “It’s always guaranteed something wild will happen that you’ve never seen before.”

Viewers can watch Zink and others tear up the course at Red Bull Rampage live online.

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