Camp of Champions at the Whistler Bike Park

We can come up with heaps of reasons to head to Whistler this summer — extending your snowboard time through August, getting out of the U.S., discovering the gorgeous scenery of Whistler/Blackcomb resort. One more plus to crossing the Canadian border and heading north is the Camp of Champions private compound at the Whistler Mountain bike park. Why stop having a great time after you’ve had a full day of riding or skiing? Bust out your bike, strap on your gear, and start mobbing downhill.

The compound is stocked with loads of jumps, a big air bag, and a mulch pit (a pit filled with wood chips). Being a part of this camp means you’re riding with and being coached by some of the best pros in the world. Looks like a win-win situation to us. Take some virtual laps through the park in the video below:

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