Cyclist gets hit by 90 mph train and survives

New video has emerged from Poland showing the terrifying moment a cyclist was struck by a high-speed train traveling at speeds around 90 mph — all before miraculously leaving the incident with only minor injuries.

Close circuit video shows an unnamed 26-year-old cyclist avoiding a lowered boom gate in the southern town of Opole and approaching a rail crossing. He pedals, seemingly oblivious to the oncoming Pendolino locomotive — a high-speed train capable of hitting speeds up to 180 mph.

Just as he is about to cross onto the track, the train tears past him, striking his front wheel and sending him flying through the air like a rag doll, before he lands in a crumbled heap by the side of the track. Shortly thereafter, a car driver seen in the video ran to his aid and called an ambulance, which transported the cyclist to a local hospital to treat minor injuries.

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And while the man was lucky to walk away from the situation with his head still on his shoulders, he also walked away with something a little more unfortunate: a fine from the police.

The driver was fined £90 by local police for ignoring a red light and the boom gate before striking the train and ultimately delaying it by 40 minutes.

Cyclist struck by train in Poland

Somehow, despite how grave this looks, the cyclist came away from the incident with only minor injuries.

In fact, though the incident occurred on Nov. 5, police and local officials only released the footage this week to highlight the dangers Polish cyclists face if they aren’t aware of their surroundings. Already, the video has been viewed over a million times.

"It's important for all road users, no matter what their means of transport, to take special care at level crossings," Miroslaw Siemieniec, a spokesman for Poland's national railway company, told The Telegraph. "This was a lesson in how not to cross the tracks."

This year alone 53 people have died and 40 have been seriously injured in 177 accidents at rail crossings in Poland.

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