Cyclist smashes bike in half at Red Hook Criterium; video

On Saturday, one cyclist wasn’t happy with his results at the Red Hook Criterium bike race in Milan and decided to take it out on the bike he was riding, slamming it next to the finish line with so much force the bicycle split in half:

As seen in the video, Jeremy Santucci — a New York City-based model/cyclist — smashed the bike after he reportedly was among the lead pack of racers with a few hundred meters left, only to have another rider run into a wall and cause a pileup that took him out:

But there’s one person who might be more upset than Santucci about his finish: Sergio de Arrola, a friend of Santucci’s who was the apparent owner of the bike that was smashed into pieces:

As shown in the first video, Santucci claims that the bike was already totaled after he crashed into the pileup at about 38 miles per hour.

Given the fact that Sarto bike frames (which Santucci was riding) can retail for more than $4,000, that might not give de Arrola much consolation.

Santucci is not the first cyclist to experience a painful crash at a Red Hook Criterium race.

The Red Hook Criterium is an unsanctioned bike race series that features riders racing against each other on brakeless, fixed gear track bikes on short, technical urban circuits over multiple laps.

Due to the fact that the riders are without brakes and in such tight packs at high speeds, brutal crashes are common.

The Red Hook Criterium hosts races in Brooklyn as well as London, Barcelona and Milan. At the Brooklyn event in May, a stalled motorcycle caused a pileup that sent at least seven cyclists to the hospital.

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