Daily Grind: Bike magazine opines on why the bike world could use a little punk rock

Bike magazine correspondent Danielle Baker recently posted an interesting little opinion piece on why the bike world might benefit if it took some cues from the skate culture. In the story, Baker talks about a mountain biker friend, “Brian,” and his skateboarder qualities: “Brian’s skateboarder-esque attitude was so outside of our watered-down and glossy mountain bike culture that people didn’t know how to deal with him. His attitude of uncaring, lack-of-concern-for-social-norms individuality was especially reflected in that fact that he didn’t rock a kit that potentially cost more than my last semester of school. In fact his ‘free hugs’ t-shirt very likely was found. I watched as people interacted with him and were turned off by his disregard for their social practices. He stood out and every part of me wanted to be even 10 percent more like him. People around me found it easiest to assume he was a drunk and social degenerate. Maybe he is, maybe he’s not, but to me there was something entirely admirable about someone who would rock a Speedo and captain’s hat at a small-town bar.” To read the rest of Baker’s post, click here.

Photo of “Brian” courtesy Baker, Bike magazine; click on the photo to read the rest of Baker’s post