Downhill biking at night with only a drone for lighting is intense; video

Downhill mountain biking is a dangerous sport that, even if performed under perfect conditions, carries a high amount of risk with it.

But to attempt it on tight singletrack at night with only the lighting of an overhead drone to illuminate the trail? As Red Bull showed in a new video Wednesday, the results are intense.

That’s a video of 23-year-old French downhill wunderkind Loic Bruni tearing up the trails of Mandelieu-La Napoule near his home in the southeast of France.

Using Google Translate, the translation of the story posted by Red Bull France on the stunt, Bruni is the first person to ever attempt running a downhill course at night using a drone for lighting.

“It all started when (photographer) Hadrien Picard contacted me with Red Bull,” Bruni said in the story (using Google Translate). “They had this crazy idea of ​​making a night video with a flying light on a drone … It’s not easy to innovate when you make videos … in downhill it is quite difficult. I thought it would be crazy to do this project and Red Bull France made it possible.”

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Reflecting on how it felt flying down the track at night, Bruni said it was “technically quite tense.” We’ll take his word for it.

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