Drone strike takes down cyclist in spectacular fashion; video

A cyclist in the Golden State Race Series suddenly flipped headfirst onto the pavement in a spectacular crash caused by what one commenter referred to as a drone strike. It was a direct hit.

Using a mounted camera on his bike, Kaito Clarke captured footage of his friend taking the abrupt spill in Saturday afternoon's race in Rancho Cordova, a suburb of Sacramento, California. He posted the video on YouTube. The action begins around the 30-second mark:

The drone apparently first hit a tree before crashing into the front wheel of the rider wearing bib No. 323, identified as Danny Mossman of El Dorado Hills, California, according to the results of the race on USA Cycling.

Mossman stopped pedaling and began slowing for a bit before the drone forced the bike to come to an abrupt halt, sending Mossman over the handle bars.

"If you look at the slow mo, you’ll see the drone is stuck in the wheel jammed in the fork [look at the 1:15 mark]," Clarke apparently wrote on Reddit.

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According to Storyful, the drone operator immediately came forward to admit the device was his.

"Guy offered to buy him a new wheel and helmet," Clarke wrote. "My friend is pretty pissed though."

Storyful said the drone operator actually offered to buy Mossman a new bike.

Fortunately Mossman avoided serious injury but did suffer "gravel rash."

h/t Cycling Today