Extreme mountain unicycling video shows just how extreme it can be

Extreme mountain biking is crazy enough, but take away one wheel and what are you left with? Extreme mountain unicycling, or put another way, extreme craziness. We’ve seen mountain unicycling, aka muni, but not the extreme version. We wonder just how popular it could become, based on this video, particularly the part where the unicycle goes tumbling down the mountain without its rider. Watch two German unicyclists as they go extreme:

The two crazies are Lutz Eichholz and Stephanie Dietze from Kaiserslautern, Germany. Eichholz is said to be among the best unicyclists in the world and a four-time world champion. Last year, they descended the 9,800-foot peak of Cima Ombretta Orientale in the Dolomite Mountains–and survived.

“Some of that terrain looks like it would be hard enough to shred on two wheels, let alone just one,” said Brice Minnigh, the editor of Bike magazine. “I think they should be wearing full-face helmets.”

Not a bad idea.

“Bicycle technology and designhas gotten to the point where you can pretty much ride anything, anywhere,” added Minnigh. “The continued advancement of front-and-rear suspension is enabling us toride steep, gnarly terrain that would be impossible to walk down. Andsome companies are producing ‘fatbikes’ with ridiculously wide tires that makeit easy to ride in the snow.”

Which is one way of saying that, yes, extreme mountain unicycling will survive. Bottom line, people enjoy doing crazy things.