Cyclist miraculously walks away from terrifying fall into ravine; video

Professional cycling — while beautiful — is an inarguably violent sport replete with spectacular crashes.

Racing at such high speeds in close formations with other competitors is a recipe for disaster, and in the past year alone we’ve seen the Tour de France winner forced to run up a mountain after a crash broke his bike, witnessed a motorcycle cause mayhem at a race in Brooklyn and seen a cyclist so upset from a group crash that he smashed his bike to pieces.

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One would assume that, by avoiding the competition scene, an experienced cyclist could also hopefully avoid suffering a painful crash while out on the road.

But as shown by Spanish former pro cyclist Joaquim Rodriguez’s Twitter post on Monday, sometimes a simple pedal through town can be dangerous while on a road bike:

According to Deadspin, despite the fact that road cycling season began with the Tour Down Under in Australia this week, the Spanish cycling superstar decided to hold firm to his recent retirement and stayed away from the contest.

Instead, the 2013 Tour de France third-place finisher decided to take what should have been a routine trip on his road bike until, according to 9News, his back wheel slid out from underneath him, aiming his front wheel directly into a guard rail and catapulting Rodriguez into a ravine.

pro cyclist bike crash joaquim rodriguez

This is the last thing any cyclist wants to see while riding.

Somehow, despite crashing into the foliage below, Rodriguez dusted himself off and immediately got back on his bike to resume riding. And, as evidenced by his Twitter post, he seems to have taken it all in stride.

According to Cycling Weekly, his Twitter post translates roughly to, “Behavior of a cyclist when you fall! First: I am well. Second: And so is my bike? Third: Well fix the shifter and continue!”