No-fuss guide to changing disc brake pads

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We’re all lazier than we’d like to admit. We leave our disc brake pads on too long; that is, until that ear-piercing sound of metal-on-metal finally brings us shredding back to reality. It's time for some new brake pads.

disc brake pads

“Having good breaks can mean the difference between enjoying the descent and a lifetime of physiotherapy,” says Trail Doctor Dan Milner.

Disc brakes are amazing things—when they're working properly. But sometimes, looking down, that little nest of pistons and hydraulic hoses appears a bit daunting. The truth is swapping out brake pads is really quite simple.

Trail Doctor Dan Milner leads us through a quick, idiot-proof, pro-mechanic-level overview of what should be a 10-minute job, at tops, Milner says. "A couple of snippets of knowledge will make the job easier, and you'll never have an excuse to let your brakes get in such a bad way again. After all, on a descent your brakes are really your best friend," he continues.

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