In honor of the bicycle’s 200th anniversary, our favorite 5 bike clips from the past year

Monday marks the 200th anniversary of German inventor Karl von Drais’ creation of the Laufmaschine, a two-wheeled vehicle also nicknamed the “dandy horse” that is credited with being the first archetype of the bicycle.

In the two centuries since, bicycle design has obviously come a long way (von Drais’ original Laufmaschine had no pedals) and bikes themselves have become more ubiquitous and useful within society at large.

Today, cities across the country are embracing the bicycle as a smart form of transport, the bicycle has become a symbol of peace for some and the basic act of riding a bike has been shown to slow the aging process.

So, in honor of the bicycle and all that it has done to improve the lives of countless people over the past 200 years, we decided to round up our five favorite bike clips from the past year. Here’s to you, Mr. von Drais.

Speed demon Eric Barone sets 141 mph speed record on his mountain bike

If you’ve ever been in a car traveling 100 miles per hour, you know that can be an intense sensation. Now imagine doing 140 mph on a mountain bike while traveling down a snow-covered ski slope.

That’s exactly what 56-year-old French daredevil Eric Barone did in March of this past year in the French Alps, successfully getting his bike up to 141.498 mph to break his own mountain biking speed record. And he did it all despite dealing with instabilities in his bike during his descent.

KC Deane’s mind-blowing B.C. line

Pro skier/mountain biker KC Deane is no stranger to exploration, consistently posting photos and videos on his Instagram of himself skiing and riding in some of the most remote spots across the globe.

So, in March, when he posted a clip to Vimeo of himself biking a line in the mountains above Fraser River in British Columbia he said he spent four years scouting, it was a sure bet the results would be pretty amazing. Backed only by the sounds of Deane’s tires ripping up Canadian dirt, the raw clip is a pure, unedited glimpse of what masterful mountain biking looks like.

Cyclist uses ‘Superman’ pose to fly downhill

Since Monday is a celebration of Karl von Drais’ ingenuity in inventing the bicycle, it seems only fair to highlight an instance of somebody else taking a unique approach to solving a transportation issue. In this video we see cyclist Michael Guerra finding a new way to reduce drag on his bicycle by striking a pose like Superman while rolling downhill.

Fabio Wibmer goes urban mountain biking through Austria

Fabio Wibmer has a penchant for creating viral videos, and he took his flair for bike filmmaking to urban mountain biking in April when he tore through the ancient Austrian city of Salzburg on his freeride bike.

Watching Wibmer corner through tight hallways in Salzburg and transform stone stairways into huge gaps makes you realize just how much is possible on a bike if you have Wibmer’s talent and willingness to experiment.

Sebastian Keep hits the heaviest wallrides you will ever see

As you might have heard, BMX freestyle park has been added to the official Olympic program for the 2020 Tokyo Games. So it’s only fair that we take a look at Sebastian Keep’s edit “Walls” that he produced with Red Bull in January.

The result of two years of Keep and his crew dressing up like construction guards to build huge gap-to-wallride ramps, Keep said his goal for the edit was to “put tire prints where no one would dream of riding a bike.” Watching the end result, it looks like Keep accomplished just that.

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