Ikea is releasing a new, chainless bicycle

Ikea's new bike even comes with a trailer. Photo: Courtesy of Ikea

Ikea’s new bike even comes with a trailer. Photo: Courtesy of Ikea

The Swedish home goods behemoth Ikea will soon be selling bikes.

As they announced in a press release, the Sladda “is a unisex bike with customized accessories designed to fit an urban lifestyle. The focus has been to develop a bike that needs little maintenance, and is a viable transportation option for the urban environment.”

The Sladda, or Skid in English, recently won a Red Dot Award for groundbreaking design.

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Features like a rust and oil-free belt drive instead of a chain and an automatic click system that will allow accessories to easily be attached certainly make the bike low maintenance. Built to last for an estimated 9,300 miles, the Sladda has an aluminum frame that is meant to be light for the urban commuter in mind.

While Ikea has not yet announced plans to sell the Sladda in the United States, Ikea will launch the bike in Europe this August at an estimated price of 700 Euros, (about $788).

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