Injured BMX pro Scotty Cranmer recovering well after first back surgery

BMX pro Scotty Cranmer suffered spinal cord and skull injuries following an October 12 bike accident. He has been in a hospital in Las Vegas since. The first of the many surgeries he’ll be facing took place on October 16 and an update has been published to the Road2Recovery campaign:

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The doctor came out and said everything went well regarding stabilizing his spine. The surgeon clarified the injury and said that he has a C4 INCOMPLETE spinal cord contusion. The surgeon also fused C4 and C5 to add stability to the area of injury. Incomplete meaning that he can work hard and fight to fix the damage, but he's not just going to wake up okay.

This is good news. While he has a long uphill battle, Cranmer does still have the possibility of a full recovery it seems. The brain hemorrhage Cranmer suffered is healing well and will not require surgery. Cranmer’s crew has posted a YouTube video of “What Would Scotty Do” to help motivate Cranmer through this recovery process.

Another update on October 20 stated that Cranmer is healing well from the first surgery and plans for the further surgeries will come on Monday. The skull fracture he suffered is causing him issues breathing through his nose, so “Scotty won't be cruising through any metal detectors soon as the surgery will include some hardware.”

T-shirts and stickers to support the Road2Recovery campaign have been made in conjunction with Cranmer’s sponsor Vans, with the tagline #StandWithScotty. With medical bills mounting quickly, this is certainly a great way to help one of the world’s top BMX riders out.

As his wife Lisa told Road2Recovery about his progress after the first surgery, “It’s really good news. It’s going to be a battle but Scotty can do it! You guys know how much fight and determination he has. He’s got this.”

Help support Scotty Cranmer’s Road2Recovery campaign.

Scotty Cranmer. Photo: Courtesy of Road2Recovery

Scotty Cranmer. Photo: Courtesy of Road2Recovery

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