Innovative new bike wheel brings electric biking to the masses

A new Kickstarter campaign promises to make electric biking affordable for more people by offering an attachable electronic front wheel that essentially turns any bike into an e-bike:

UrbanX, a Los Angeles-based startup, launched their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday and has already raised over $80,000 on their initial fundraising goal of $50,000.

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UrbanX’s goal is simple: To make electric biking affordable and accessible for the masses.

While e-bikes typically retail for over $600, the UrbanX is currently starting at $299 on KickStarter. And unlike most e-bikes which can weigh over 50 pounds, the UrbanX only adds 15 pounds of weight to your current bike.

electric bike kickstarter

According to the company, the UrbanX installs in less than a minute, meaning it’s not cumbersome to operate. Photo: Courtesy of UrbanX

UrbanX isn’t the first attachable e-bike wheel that allows users to transform their existing bicycles into electric bikes, but it claims to be the most universal: UrbanX comes in six sizes and works with both rim and disk brakes, which the company says covers 99 percent of the global bike market.

That means, you can get an UrbanX for your mountain bike, road bike or beach cruiser.

“During my years in the e-bike trading business, I learned that customers have their own unique idea of the perfect e-bike design, and most cyclists have their own favorite bikes lying at home,” Eric Chow, UrbanX founder, told Digital Trends. “So I thought, ‘Why not make a kit that is easy enough for anyone to install without any skills needed, that would help customers save their money, help the planet saves resources, and help the customer get their very special e-bike to their own best taste?'”

electric bike kickstarter

The UrbanX’s sleek design doesn’t sacrifice the style of your existing bike and can fit on everything from a beach cruiser to a road bike. Photo: Courtesy of UrbanX

The UrbanX comes in two versions — a pedal-assist and throttle model — and offers a range of 30 miles with a top speed of 20 miles per hour on a full charge. Per its Kickstarter page, it takes around 90 minutes to fully charge an UrbanX.

Early bird pricing is still available on UrbanX’s Kickstarter crowdfunding page, allowing you to save over 50 percent on the future retail price of an UrbanX, and orders are expected to ship by July.