Kickstarter for bike lock aims to spray would-be bike thieves with Skunklock

1.5 million bikes are stolen each year. And while “U” locks feel more secure, the fact is that any lock can be broken with the proper tools. So enter Skunklock.

Similar to the the Bike Mine that sets off an explosion-like alarm, Skunklock and their Kickstarter campaign aim to deter bike thieves with a chemical compound that releases when the lock is compromised.

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Much like a skunk’s natural defense, the Skunklock contains a pressurized inside with a chemical deterrent that induces vomiting. Skunklock admits that there are some states where their product might not be usable due to laws, but if you’re looking to pack a punch against a would-be bike thief, get on their Kickstarter campaign and give them some support.

The Skunklock in action.

The Skunklock in action.

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