Lance Armstrong roasts Dale Earnhardt Jr. for his cycling attire

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the most popular NASCAR driver in the universe and has been for well over a decade. He’s also the richest NASCAR driver ever with a net worth of around $300 million and merchandise sales that make up 30 percent of the total NASCAR market.

And recently, he’s decided to take up cycling as a way to stay fit.

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Unlike stock car racing, however, Earnhardt is far from a pro in the world of cycling. And a recent Twitter post from the NASCAR icon showing him as he prepared to go for a bike ride drew some playful ribbing from his friend Lance Armstrong over his choice of bike attire:

(WARNING: Profane language below)

There is a bit of history to Armstrong’s profane playfulness in regards to Earnhardt’s short socks.

After being introduced to cycling by fellow NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, Earnhardt admitted on his Dale Jr. Download podcast that his biggest fear of the sport was being spotted wearing cycling spandex and drawing the ire of fellow drivers.

“I told Jimmie I said, ‘Look, I’m going to meet you outside the track. Ain’t no way in hell I’m going to let anybody see me ride through the infield wearing this biking-gear-spandex stuff,'” Earnhardt recalled on his podcast about one of his first rides with Johnson.

He also noted on his podcast that during that ride he got flipped off by a fellow cyclist for struggling to maintain his position in a peloton.

Earnhardt again jokingly brought up his disdain of spandex in the Twitter post Saturday (the post Armstrong was referencing):

After posting another tweet that showed Earnhardt getting fellow NASCAR driver Alex Bowman fitted for a road bike, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski poked fun of the fact that Earnhardt used to be against working out and asked what changed.

Earnhardt, for his part, took it in stride:

Here’s to hoping he gets those new socks from Armstrong.