This is what it looks like to downhill mountain bike in a Russian mall; video

Most urban mountain biking events take place in outdoor settings like city streets which, with a certain level of technical ability, can almost resemble more traditional mountain biking courses.

To attempt to host a downhill event inside of say, a crowded indoor city center like a shopping mall, however, might seem impossible to most people.

But thanks to video from a recent mountain biking event in Russia, that seemingly far-flung scenario has become a reality.

That above video comes from an event series called DownMall.

According to the Russian action sports website Slenergy, the video comes from the fourth edition of DownMall, which was held on June 24 in the eastern Russian town of Vladivostok.

While it might seem like hosting a downhill mountain biking event in a mall would be near impossible given the chance of injuries, Anton Savenko — one of the organizers of the event — told Slenergy it was surprisingly easy to get sponsors on board with hosting DownMall in Vladivostok.

“The most interesting thing is that in the process of communicating with partners no one wondered about the safety of the participants,” Savenko told Slenergy, according to a translation of his interview provided by Google. “So they encouraged originality and creativity of the event. Perhaps they did not realize the danger of this action.”

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