Mike Hopkins’ newest mountain bike edit is amazingly beautiful

In the world of action sports filmmaking, it can take a lot to stand out of the pack when every other filmer has hoards of camera gear and drones worth a small fortune.

Filmmakers who want to make an impact have to think outside the box to do so.

And, the newest mountain biking edit from director Scott Secco is right in that vein. It showcases mountain biking pro Mike Hopkins doing what he does best with a beautiful array of tracking shots and slow-motion close-ups.

While it only clocks in at just over 90 seconds, the edit — titled “Flow State” — apparently took an incredible amount of work to produce. According to Secco, the short clip required more than a week of laboring in the forests of British Columbia to come to fruition.

“We spent a week slinging cable cams alongside some of my favorite trails on Vancouver Island with a goal of showcasing flow on the bike,” Secco wrote in an Instagram post after releasing the edit. “Huge thanks to @keithwhiteaudio for crushing the sound design and to [Mike Hopkins] for being a legend to work with (as per usual).”

If watching “Flow State” doesn’t convince you that you should book a ticket to B.C. to go riding this summer, we don’t know what will.

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