Mountain biker Brandon Semenuk blazes down course in new clip; video

New clips and edits from mountain biker Brandon Semenuk have become like Christmas morning for anyone with an understanding of downhill mountain biking. So let us gift you the newest clip from Semenuk, “Raw 100”.

In the mold of previous jaw-dropping clips from Semenuk, “Raw 100” fits right in-line with its gorgeous shots, fast biking and incredible bag of tricks. Consistently defying gravity, Semenuk harnesses speed and gravity better than just about any other mountain biker on the planet.

What Semenuk can do in 100 seconds (in this instance, fly down a difficult course without a hitch) is simply amazing — one run, no music and just the sound of bike to trail. He perfectly knows when to burn speed and when to pick up speed. Most could not ride down this course, let alone ride down it with the brazen ease and daring skill that Semenuk does.

Brandon Semenuk flying high.

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