Mountain biker does backflip on a road bike over a cycle race; video

Szymon Godziek is a Polish mountain biker, and a pretty dang good one at that. While seeing him give road biking a go is no surprise, seeing him do a backflip on a road bike over the main pack during the Tour de Pologne race is quite ridiculous.

Wearing all the classic cycling gear and riding a road bike, Godziek attempted the backflip during the 74th stage in Bukowina Tarzańska, Poland.

"The difference between my dirt bike and a road bike is huge,” Godziek told Red Bull after the historic jump. “The tires are thin, the handlebars are much narrower, the frame geometry is totally different and of course the weight — a road bike is much lighter and acts differently in mid-air.”

While Godziek isn’t the first to do a backflip over a peloton (aka the main pack) of a cycle race – Romain Marandet jumped over a peloton in 2013 – he is the first to do so on a road bike.

Szymon Godziek mid-flip over the pack. Photo: Courtesy of Lukasz Nazdraczew/Red Bull Content Pool

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