Mountain biking POV video from Kelly McGarry is downright riveting

JG_McGarry gap flip

Kelly McGarry flying over 73-foot canyon gap via backflip; photo by John Gibson/Red Bull Content Pool

At the recent Red Bull Rampage, Kelly McGarry completed a backflip over a 72-foot canyon gap, a maneuver that earned him a silver medal and the People's Choice Award from 400,000 fans watching the event online. The video from the radical mountain biking event in Virgin, Utah, is pretty incredible, but it pales in comparison to the footage from McGarry's point of view.

The event, similar to freeriding by snowboarders and skiers, combines skills from downhill freeriding, slopestyle, dirt jumping, and racing as riders pick a line and descend the near-vertical sandstone. Thanks to McGarry's helmet camera, you can experience it all by riding along with him. See what he saw. Feel what he felt (sort of). Hear what he heard. Watch the gripping, top-to-bottom run and hold on:

The treacherous line the New Zealander takes is incredible, and then to keep it together upon landing the backflip and hearing the crowd cheer is pretty remarkable, too.

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