Mountain biking feat on Whistler is astronomical

Adam Billinghurst One Million Down

Adam Billinghurst did what most people might think impossible. He spent 58 days riding a mountain bike down the trails of Whistler Mountain Bike Park until he surpassed 1 million vertical feet, thus fulfilling a dream he had nearly 10 years before.

Billinghurst, who lives near the bike park, began riding when the park opened on May 17 and rode every day but two before completing his goal on July 15 with a 4,000-vertical-foot, top-to-bottom run that put him 1,588 feet over 1 million, according to Pique.

The mountain biker registered 2,325 miles on his GPS and quite a bit of footage on his helmet camera. That footage compiled for Anthill Films and Sony has finally been posted this week in a YouTube video entitled "One Million Down."

Take a look at one impressive mountain biking feat:

"I feel good," Billinghurst told Pique after the One Million Down was done. "I don't want to say it was easy, but it was easier than I thought it was going to be. And I'm tired. And my hands hurt."

Billinghurst's biggest day of riding downhill was 33,730 feet, according to Pique.

For context, Whistler Mountain from the top of the chairlift is roughly 5,000 feet, the highest mountain on Earth is Mount Everest at 29,035 feet, and the International Space Station is on average about 1 million feet up.

Bike_Park_Bottom  wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia Commons

"This is like descending from the International Space Station all the way down to Earth on a bicycle," Billinghurst said.

Suffice to say, it was a lot of riding downhill, and it was quite an accomplishment.

Chris Armstrong, who writes the Whistler Mountain Bike blog, said he saw Billinghurst riding at the park during that two-month stretch and didn't think anything of it until the One Million Down feat was complete.

"The man does over 110 days in the bike park in a regular season, so it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary was happening," Armstrong told GrindTV in an email.

"He isn’t the fastest in the world (darn close, though). He might not be the most technical rider in the world, but I bet that if he put his mind to the World Cup, he could make a good run of it.

"But the interesting story is that he doesn’t have aspirations of being something that he isn’t. He is a small town guy that just likes riding his bike, a lot, usually quite fast."