Music Monday: Jackson Hole Hero Andrew Whiteford

by Mike Rogge


Andrew Whiteford Mountain Biking Jackson Hole

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Whiteford


Former Meathead Films star and current GoPro hero (say goodbye to your afternoon and check out his Vimeo HERE), Andrew Whiteford makes Jackson Hole, Wyoming his personal playground, sharing his exploits for all the Internet to see. His signature edit, "Mid Wintahhh4 2011," has 127,000 views and counting. His Music Monday may provide a little inspiration for your next bike or ski edit.


Dub Tales Ep. 3: Making Friends with the Ibis Mojo HDR 650b from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo.



Top Five Songs I'm Listening To At The Moment:

1.  "Apply" by Glasser

2.  "Trentemøller Remix" by Raincoats

3. "Symphonies" (Dada Remix) by Dan Black & Kid Cudi

4. "Sinful Nature" by Bear in Heaven

5.  "Isjaki" by Sigur Ros


MTNAdvisor: Andrew Whiteford by Mike Rogge on Grooveshark 


The song that reminds me of skiing the most is Bob Marley’s "Concrete Jungle," which was used in TGR‘s "The Harvest" for a Jackson Hole powder segment.  All time!


You might be surprised to learn that I have Gwen Stafani’s "Holla Back Girl" in my music library.


Mid Wintahhhh 2011 from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo.



If I'm getting in the car to drive to Jackson Hole to ski, I like to listen to anything with a powerful beat that compliments visions of skiing grandeur.


If music rights weren't an issue, I'd use "Panama" by Van Halen for a ski movie segment.


I live in Jackson, WY and a local music act I've been listening to is our local radio station 89.1 KHOL which has some awesome programs and djs. It introduces me to a lot of music that’s off the beaten path and I haven’t been aware of.


If I could only listen to one album the rest of my life, I'd listen to something from Sigur Ros, or classical because I’d want something that I could enjoy at any point in my life.  I’m not really sure.  I am certain it would not be Chumba Wumba.