Nike 6.0 HB BMX PRO: Day 3

From the Judges Tower Part 3: “Return of the Cranmer”
A True story by Leigh Alton Ramsdell III of Saturday’s Nike 6.0 HB BMX PRO

Today was a big one. It was the last day for the riders to qualify for tomorrow’s final event. Riders earn points for each day depending on how they place, and then those points are added up to get the top ten finalists. So you could say that today was pretty important and you would be correct, my friend. Let have a look at today’s recap, shall we?
There were a few guys that were on the bubble and today was the day to make it all happen. Dennis Enarson had some amazing tricks like the no-footed seat grab barspin and triple-whips, but a few falls kept him out of the finals. Austin Coleman was another guy in the running but a real hard slam in practice seemed to slow him down a bit. He still nailed a perfect downside-double-whip on one of the big quarterpipes. Today, Josh Perry made it into the top ten with a Pile Driver, which is a barspin, catch the bars, then do another barspin, and then do a tailwhip…all in a 360! But it still wasn’t enough to get into Sunday’s final.
Allan Cooke was also on the bubble and by doing some of the biggest transfers of the day and flowing the course whilst doing difficult tricks, he made it in. He also went down on one of those transfers trying to whip it. Time ran out, but then he did it anyways just for the hell of it. Oh yeah. A really cool trick to watch was Craig Mast’s 360-tailwhip-to-can-can. He stayed consistent all there days and made it into the finals no problem.

The top five guys were really close in placings. Hitting the number five spot, Andy Buckworth started off with a double-downside-whip-360 then went straight into one of the highest flairs of the day, plus lots of other things like a perfect decade air from the quarter to wedge while Catfish gave him cool sound effects. Andy also does a crazy backflip-handplant. The surprise of the day was Daniel Dhers getting fourth. Not that his runs weren’t great, it’s just a few boobles kept him out of first. He did bring a few new moves like a can-can one-handed-720. Ryan Guettler came out swinging in his first run with a stretched superman-flip in his first run and a double-backflip in his second. Flowing the whole course got him a well deserved 3rd. The flair of the contest belongs to Diogo Canina. He traveled over the big wedge from quarter to quarter straight to trucking the big box jump one direction and 720ing it the other. Everything Diogo does is super-high and really good looking.
The man of day three was none other than Scotty Cranmer, armed with some 90s-era shin pads and big bag of tricks. When you start with a double-tailwhip-backflip you know you got a good thing going on. He also dominated the big box jump with three-whips, double-whips, and a front flip. Good job, Scotty. I can’t wait to see what the finals are going to bring tomorrow.

Scotty Cranmer,360turndown-photo by Justin Kosman

Mike Spinner, doublewhip-Photo:Justin Kosman