A bike thief caught red-handed catches a beatdown — or does he?

Let’s say you’re just going about your business when you see a bike thief going about his business: stealing bikes. And the steed he has his slimy mitts on is yours. Do you call the police? Confront him peacefully? Go Ronda Rousey on his a*s?

This footage has emerged of a bike thief being caught in the act!

Posted by Kimbo Slice Fights on Saturday, August 8, 2015

From the looks of this recent footage, it seems one BMXer went for option #3. The grainy black-and-white footie shows a dude in a black hoodie walking up to a BMX bike, removing something from his black backpack and getting to work, most likely breaking the lock.

After the hooded fellow frees the bike, he starts to walk away with it, making it a few steps before another dude in all black runs into the frame, pushes down the thief and delivers a beatdown of punches and kicks.

Posted on Aug. 8, the video has gone viral. As of this writing, the video has 373,000-plus views and more than 2,700 shares. Originally published on MMA fighter Kimbo Slice’s Facebook fan page, there’s minimal info about the footage. The caption is only a sentence: “This footage has emerged of a bike thief being caught in the act!”

The security-cam footage has dateline of 02/08/15, which, if viewed through American eyes, looks months old. But, to the rest of the world, whose dates are written in a day/month/year format, it looks like the footage is just over a week old.

Bike burglar!

Not all bike guys dress like bad guys. Photo: Flickr

The footage has stirred up some deep emotions. One popular comment reads, “Finish it with a nice bike slam to the face.”

Another says, “That’s what you get! Lucky with the way things are today he got away with his life.”

And still another says, “The beating was for destroying his lock, not stealing the bike. Lol The first punch was for taking the bike.”

But if you keep scanning down, you start seeing a few comments questioning the veracity of the video, like, “This is fake as hell you can see that the guy isn’t even hitting him or kicking him just a bunch of bulls–t.”

Take a closer look and the video is dubious. The beatdown is obscured by three white signs attached to a fence. The thief is completely hidden by them, so it’s impossible to say if this is real or WWE-style.

What do you think, GrindTV readers: real deal or a bit of make-believe?

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