‘Petr Kraus in Greenland’ offers incredible bike stunts and scenery

Beside the incredible scenery of Greenland–from glaciers to waterfalls to the quaintness of Greenland towns–trial biker Petr Kraus of the Czech Republic presents his special talents of precision tricks and refined style on a mountain bike in a video called “Petr Kraus in Greenland.” Kraus jumps over a snowmobile, rides the wooden rail of a boat, and jumps from boat to boat, all in front of the beautiful backdrop of Greenland. Watch, it is well worth 1 minute, 57 seconds of your time:

Kraus won the world championship of trial biking in the 1990s and remains a pro trials rider who travels around the world for exhibitions, occasion freestyle mountain bike races and, thankfully, side trips to places like Greenland to make a video.

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