Pro mountain biker Richie Schley on how to train from sunup to sundown; video

The difference between success and failure can often be preparation.

Professional mountain biker Richie Schley knows this well. The evening before a training ride, Richie will often hike the trail, clearing brush and mapping out his route. He then carefully inspects all of his gear, so as not to lose time on bike maintenance when the sun rises.

But during the day, Schley’s priorities are sun protection and hydration. A normal training day for him usually consists of riding all day and cross training in the evening, often standup paddleboarding the waters just west of his favorite Southern California trails.

When you’re preparing to train, it’s easy to overlook basic things like water and sunscreen. But as the days get longer, these tools are crucial to keeping you moving from sunrise to sundown.

“It can be hours and hours of exposure,” says Schley. “Once you’re dehydrated, once you’re burnt, your whole day can start to fail, and then you can actually end up in serious trouble if it goes too far.”

Take a look at how an expert mountain biker gets conditioned for summer, set against the idyllic trails and waves of Laguna Beach, California.