Programmer spends 7 months cycling the length of the UK in VR

Earlier this month — after spending more than seven months on a stationary bike in his living room with a virtual reality headset strapped on — a digital games programmer in Scotland successfully finished his quest to cycle the length of the United Kingdom in virtual reality:

Back in May, Aaron Puzey made headlines when he announced that he had developed an app for his smartphone that, when paired with a Samsung Gear VR headset and a cadence monitor attached to his exercise bike, allowed him to view moving 360-degree images from Google Street View to replicate the experience of cycling from the town of John O’Groats in the north of the U.K. to Land’s End in the south.

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Puzey titled his creation CycleVR and started a blog to allow others to follow him on his trip.

On Sunday, he posted a final video update showing that on Jan. 13, he had successfully reached his final destination of the southernmost point in the United Kingdom on a stationary bike:

According to the BBC, by the time he had finished the long expedition in his living room, Puzey had spent more than 85 hours in the stationary bike saddle, pedaled more than 900 miles and burned over 50,000 calories. While Puzey told the BBC that it felt “fantastic,” he said one of the more surprising aspects of his journey was that nobody had tried it before.

“It was just a little mobile phone app that I wrote in my spare time,” Puzey told the BBC. “It probably took me three or four weeks. Just a little bit of research on how it works — and it came together really quickly.”

Now, Puzey writes on his blog that he is focusing on releasing the CycleVR app for iOS and Android phones, as well as developing an all-in-one CycleVR package that he would fund and sell through Kickstarter.