Transport to Tokyo with BMX star Nigel Sylvester’s latest edit

BMX pro Nigel Sylvester has positioned himself as his sport’s de facto video superstar, producing two mind-bending POV video edits titled “Go!” parts 1 and 2 over the past year that featured the 29-year-old pulling off otherworldly stunts in the crowded streets of Los Angeles and his hometown of New York City.

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The frenetic editing style of those videos and their outlandish settings helped both videos accrue well over 1 million views on YouTube, and on Wednesday, Sylvester released the latest edition of the “Go!” series in which he showcases his BMX mastery in Tokyo:

The six-minute video shows Sylvester riding his bike through fish markets and narrow alleyways and trying his hand at everything from go-kart racing to sumo wrestling (which he’s just slightly less adept at then riding his bike).

It’s a wild, fast-paced tour of the unique, colorful city and an incredibly compelling piece of video evidence that a plane ticket to Tokyo is something that should be on everyone’s holiday wish list.

And his video tour of Tokyo has already made a notable impression on the internet: In the 24 hours since he uploaded it, it has already been viewed 50,000 times and helped him land an invite to the set of ESPN’s SportsCenter.