Watch a mesmerizing Tron-like mountain bike edit

Fooling around with LED lights at night in the surf or with custom snowboarding suits is nothing new. But not much has been explored at night with mountain bikes.

For “Light Cycles”, director Mike Gamble got mountain bike riders Neve Abraham, Felix Abraham and Ruben Guibert together and visual effects man Thomas Wood and tried to figure out how to make a Tron-like bike edit.

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“Before we began testing,” Gamble says, “we had no idea if what we wanted to achieve was physically possible with the resources at our disposal. By the time we’d conducted our initial tests, we were all blown away by the results that we went ahead and continued creating this film.”

We’re glad they did so. Hopefully we get to see more of this explored.

Pretty Tron-like mountain biking.

Pretty Tron-like mountain biking.

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